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Who is ASTROLABE? How do you describe your music?
ASTROLABE is organized by 3 members, a young boy, a modern computer and an old computer.
The modern computer loves 80’s idols so much and the old one likes simple beats and synth sounds.
The boy makes them play together. The three live in Tokyo.

What are your influences?
I’m very influenced by Y.M.O and 80’s Japanese Idols.

What do you think of the Japanese electronic music scene?
I think the Japanese electronic music scene now is not so good…
I don’t like Shinichi Osawa that much.
A new generation of Japanese electro is rising!

Future plans for ASTROLABE?

Mmm… it’s very difficult question. because I don’t know even about tomorrow!

I really like ASTROLABE’s production style with his choice of samples and how he manipulates them. I really like what he does on “FLAG” with that sax sample, it reminds me of something Mr. Oizo would do. “A Trial Run” is totally paying homage to Daft Punk 🙂 Those Japanese love Daft Punk.


ASTROLABE – Base 5-2


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  1. TommyA

    This guy is SICK!

    I do like Shinichi Osawa though. But the tracks you upped are just sick!

    Him and Rayflash (look him on on MySpace) are bringing Japan’s electro house scene into the light!

  2. Andre

    I like this dude.. and Shinichi Osawa too.. just saw him last friday in Tijuana..

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