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MGMT x Justice

MGMT – Electric Feel (Justice Remix) (Radio Rip)
MGMT – Electric Feel (Justice Remix) (zshare)

Cheers to Kidz by Colette bringing it to the world first, as usual.
Thoughts? The original is still better, I was expecting Justice to do a more disco/70s remix of this track, something along the lines of their Klaxons remix.

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  1. Mitchell

    This reminds a bit of Sebastian’s remix of “Human After All” except more downtempo and…MGMT/Justice, I’m sorry but this ain’t a smooth combination. This isn’t PB&J at all, this is more like Lamb and Tuna Fish in a blender. Justice should remix Midnight Juggernauts.

  2. Anonymous

    that’s real bad

  3. Anonymous

    The original is BETTER? What are you guys smoking. Glad to see some trendhoppers, hop of the train.
    Oh, the remix rocks.

  4. Anonymous

    it’s not bad. i really dig justice remixes because they all have that heavy-funk-inspired-beat/flavor..for lack of a better term. can’t get enough of them

  5. Martin

    It’s a french radio rip…

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