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Justice x

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  1. Anonymous

    yo that fat fucking, pitchfork loser is interviewing them. why aren’t you?

    p.s. that nigga’s voice is mad deep compared to what i thought it would be.


  2. Juice

    Man, Xavier is as honest as they come…its too bad the guy interviewing didnt do his homework before and asks too many retarded questions.

    I dont care if its cliche but they just have that coolness factor about them. At coachella during Mehdi’s opening set they all just stood around and hung out in the crowd like normal dudes just wanting to hear some kick ass music

  3. eLkO

    Thanks for this video! I’m glad Xavier really touched on the subject of his thoughts on the cross factor even though its been done a billion times. One of the greatest interviews yet! You should post up their Stress video. Very neat. Thanks again!

  4. Blaze

    I actually thought that was a pretty decent interview. Good stuff.

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