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M83 – Up!

I am in love with the M83 album. It is impressive how M83 nailed the classic 80s sound. Many of the tracks remind me of Tears for Fears, everything from the synth samples to the production style. Does anyone know who the female singer is on some of the tracks? She really reminds me of Kate Bush.
M83 – Up!

This is one of my favorite Kate Bush tracks, I can’t stop listening to her and the new M83. Oh the 80s.
Kate Bush – Cloudbusting

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  1. like the flu

    Ya bra

    not feelin Mystery Jets, but thats ok. Nobody is going to like all the same stuff.

    I am really feelin Kate Bush. I got my hands on a mixtape last summer that had that song on it. Pumped the fucking shit out of it all Summer Long

  2. andalsness

    yeah, she really sounds like Kate Bush.

  3. andalsness

    they even make a reference to the “Hounds of Love” in the lyrics 🙂

  4. Anonymous

    From the page on the album:

    ” and the Kate Bush-worshipping “Up!,” a sci-fi fairytale that boasts some fittingly unearthly singing by guest vocalist Morgan Kibby.”

    Wikipedia confirms it too:

    “Morgan is currently on tour supporting the French electronic/ambient band M83 for their new album Saturdays = Youth. Morgan is a guest vocalist and musician for both the new M83 CD and the tour.”

  5. Anonymous

    Yeah, probably the worst track on an excellent album. Annoying to listen to, really dumb lyrics.

  6. I agree with the comment by Anonymous. It is the weakest song, though I was curious who sang on it.

  7. veronica

    today is the first time i ve ever listened to m83, a band i was really curious about for some months now. as i was listening to this song, the kate bushness of it also hit me, as i am one who WILL recognize a kate bush when she hears it. the song caught my attention by breaking with the rest of the album’s sound, and i mean this in a neutral way. continued to listen passively, but couldn’t help my ear twinkle at the words hounds of love 🙂 and then i said: alright! i knew it, i hadn’t been wrong.
    although i must admit a thought which crossed my mind during the female voice songs: that i preferred them w/o…

  8. George

    I think it may be Sarah Brightman singing here.

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