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Kanye West vs. Ninja Cam Glenjamn

So Glenjamn snuck his camera into Kanye’s LA show and was able to capture some vids and photos from the show. What an epic looking show. I need to see Kanye this summer.

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  1. Glenjamn


  2. TommyA

    I hope he is bringing this international.

    I NEED to see him, N.E.R.D. and mostly Lupe Fiasco live!

  3. Tha Junk!

    i went to the san diego show, thats the intro to his performance, the show was bonkers!!!, N.E.R.D. ripped it to, im still rolling and its been about 3 dasy since the show!!! it was that good

  4. SWITCHâ„¢

    my ninja glenjamndotcom!

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