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Ed Rec Vol III: Justice – Stress (Auto Remix)

Mussorgsky x David Shire x Justice

Justice – Stress (Auto Remix)
Somehow they made this track even more epic. Brace yourself.
The Busy P x Murs track is floating around the blogosphere and is straight up an anthem for the hipsters in LA with shoutouts to The Cobrasnake, Aoki & Co. and Cinespace. Hipster Runoff will love it.

OUT MAY 26 2008

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  1. Gosh Damn Team

    no blog link love? pfft…

  2. Anonymous

    awesome. literally just awesome.

  3. TommyA

    Now all I need is the MP3 for that Oizo track and life will complete, until May 26th when everything drops!

  4. Electric BoYz

    For more exclusive tracks from ED Banger Vol.3 =>>>>>

  5. Mitchell

    Who is AUTO??! Find that out!

  6. Anonymous

    epic indeed.

  7. NvW...

    Nice up man, prob best on the comp frm the sound of things.
    (Jus strtd, chck it out)

  8. NvW...

    Got another track from hyperbole, linked frm my blog<

  9. Greg

    @ Mitchell

    I think Auto means Justice remixed it themselves.

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