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Ed Rec Vol. 3

Ed Rec Vol III Teaser – Mixed by Feadz

Ed Banger – Ed Rec Vol.3

01. MR OIZO – Yves
02. BUSY P – To Protect And Entertain (feat. Murs)
03. MR FLASH – Over The Top
05. UFFIE – Robot Oeuf
06. JUSTICE – Stress (Auto Remix)
07. MR OIZO – Minuteman’s pulse
08. DJ MEDHI – Pocket Piano
09. KRAZY BALDHEAD – No Cow, No Pow
10. DSL – Find Me In The World
11. FEADZ – Back It Up (feat. Spank Rock)
12. SO ME – Decalcomania

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  1. dave

    no vicarious bliss?? unless one of the mr.oizo tracks is supposed to be by vic.bliss? and a remix of stress for the justice track…..yay…

  2. echoer

    New Mehdi = insta win.

  3. Avery

    Thanks so much for putting this up! I couldn’t figure out how to sign up for the phunkster site b/c it was all in French. ha.

    Busy P – To Protect and Entertain feat Murs is soooooo sick.

    PS. Dan, thanks for putting up the link to the So Me show at my gallery. See you at Coachella?


  4. SWITCH™

    know where i can get that Ed Banger – To Protect And Entertain track? been lookin all day

  5. TommyA

    Dunno how you always get your hands on these, but glad you got this!

    Can’t wait for this to drop and for Justice to come to Japan this Summer, since I will miss Coachella.

  6. Andrew Siebert

    re: Switch

    “To Protect and Entertain” = “Pedrophilia” from Busy P’s MySpace page.

  7. SWITCH™

    thanks, but i was looking for a link for a downloadable version

  8. Anonymous

    UFFIE!!! Does anyone know when her cd come out?

  9. Rayork

    F#@K Yeah UFFIE

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