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The Bloody Beetroots x MSTRKRFT

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  1. Anonymous

    what track is this? busy p played it opening for justice in Toronto.

  2. Asian Dan

    It is a BB remix of a new MSTRKRFT track

  3. jacopo

    I love the way they dance

  4. sanderv

    anyone knows what headphones they are using?

  5. hoo

    wezc headphones

  6. hoo

    i meant wesc

  7. LA Scumbag

    Sick ass SHOW. They ripped it this weekend at the Standard with Flosstradamus!

  8. Anonymous

    What is the name of this crazy track ?

  9. Jako

    Does anyone know the exact name of this track? (or, even better, where to get it?)

  10. Anonymous

    This is a new Busy P track. I don’t know the name but there’s a few couple videos on youtube. Just type in Bloody Beetroots Busy P and theres 2 videos. This isn’t a MSTRKRFT remix, but the BBs have remixed “Bounce”, the enw MSTRKRFT single, and dropped it.

  11. Piero

    That’s right! It’s Busy P’s To Protect and Entertain (Crookers Remix). Not Bloody Beetroots, though Bobby always mixes this live.

    Plus, Bloody Beetroots have remixed MSTRKRFT’s Bounce, but it hasn’t been a official release yet.

    Big Up!

  12. Vince

    Ur all saying big shit , this song is from the crookers – Our busy P remix

    Sur ce allez vous rabillez les yanky you don’t know anything about electro let the french doing =)

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