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Justice vs. Soulwax – Disco Sirens

This new track premiered tonight on Annie Mac’s Mash Up on Radio 1. This tune has a very classic rave feel with the magic touch of Justice and Soulwax. This is a track from Midfield General’s upcoming album General Disarray. Midfield General took on the Executive Producer role for Justice‚Äôs single D.A.N.C.E. and in return Xavier De Rosnay helped produce the forthcoming single Disco Sirens.

“DJ Annie Mac premiered a track called ‘Disco Sirens’ by Midfield General. She called it ‘Justice vs Soulwax’, which is a bit confusing. In fact Xavier from Justice produced the track and David Dewaele (of Soulwax) has mixed it.” (Via

Justice vs. Soulwax – Disco Sirens (Radio Rip – Annie Mac’s Mash Up)

Soulwax Via The Cobra Snake

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  1. JR

    man i love the internet

  2. nek

    holy shit.

    didnt know the Midfield General story either

  3. Morganix

    Heard the track while driving tonight. Overdid it with the sirens a bit but overall the track is going to be big. I am sure it will kill at WMC this year.

  4. soulwaxdotinfo

    it’s the same siren Soulwax used on ‘Theme From Discotheque’ right?

  5. Anonymous

    just catching up on my radio on the couch,now am wide awake what a tune. am lovin the siren…

  6. Anonymous

    yeah thats the same siren from the samantha fu track i think.
    it isn’t even by “justice vs soulwax”, its a midfield general track that was produced by xavier from justice & mixed by david from soulwax….
    far too much hype!

  7. Anonymous

    yeh too much hype but when this plays out it WILL be killa!

  8. Anonymous

    I don’t particularly like this – i think it’s the lyrics – overhyping itself to the max with sirens and then lamest of lame lyrics – like ‘addicted to bass’ but more cringeworthy…other than that like soulwax and justice – not this track though…

  9. OneMoreDisco

    I would place my bets that Chemical Brothers used this siren first in Song to the Siren. Good track.

  10. Scenic

    This doesn’t sound like the siren in the Chemical Brothers track. I thought of that too though.

  11. WebbaFied Does it JUSTICE

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  12. Anonymous

    Check the heavy AudiosyncratiK Edit here;

  13. Anonymous

    very nice track

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