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Cazals x NT89 *Exclusive*


Cazals – Somebody, Somewhere (NT89 Woarr Mix) (Asian Dan Server)
Cazals – Somebody, Somewhere (NT89 Woarr Mix) (ZSHARE LINK)

Here is a description from NT89 himself explaining his production process:

Kitsune & Daniel from Cazals sent me the stems about 2 weeks ago, after that, i started this important remix, trying to make something of original, different and alternative. I used the vocals and guitar impulses mounted on a sampler, totally recomposed and added over a distorted synth, it took me about a week just for the impulse extraction and for the whole set-up of that synth sound. The Drum & Bass section is pretty special too, it rounds 360° in the small feedback (Took the idea from the Boys Noize Remix of Snoop Dogg), it sounds amazing on a huge soundsystem.

Cazals Myspace
NT89 Myspace

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  1. Anonymous

    stunning track, so dope!

  2. Mehdi

    actually watched & heared this guy live last summer in copenhagen, it was fucking powerfull and mental, just fantastic and as he says “original” and superfresh sound.
    Big up to this new remix too

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