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Dance, Dance, Dance, Dance, Dance to the Radio.

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Photo by Anton Corbijn

Joy Divsion – Transmission (Live on BBC)

New Order – Temptation (Live on Radio 1 BBC)

New Order – The Perfect Kiss

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Daft Punk & Louis Vuitton

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Leather jackets by Dior Homme

Daft Punk @ Louis Vuiton Paris Spring/Summer 2008
Courtsey of Kidz by Colette

First it was Cat Power performing at the Chanel fashion show in Paris, now Daft Punk spinning a mini-mix at the recent Louis Vuitton Paris show. Of course Mr. West was there.

Daft Punk spins a concise version of their live set from the past tour with a few awesome tracks mixed in like, the new SebastiAn remix of the Guy-Manuel Homem Christo produced track, Sexual Sportswear by Sebastien Tellier, Ratatat-Lex & Kanye West-Stronger.

Kanye to work with Michael Jackson

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Hall & Oates – Portable Radio

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Michael Jackson, Rod Stewart, Prince, Stevie Wonder & Rick James = JUSTICE

So, Radiohead isn’t the most pretentious band on earth.

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It is 1:10 AM EST, are you staying up all night to wait for the morning in the UK? I am! We all have waited way too long for a new Radiohead album, let us all rejoice!

1:28 AM – EMAIL with Download link!!! RADIOHEAD – IN RAINBOWS!!! Listening!!!

1:54 AM – 4 Tracks in, the basslines are amazing, Arpeggi is gorgeous, weaving guitars, solid drumming.

1:59 AM – All I Need – Is Questlove playing drums? Phil Selway has let the inner groovemeister out. Hypnotic grooves & a lot of glockenspiel.

2:02 AM – Faust Arp – Beatlesque. “Julia”

2:05 AM – Reckoner – whoa this does not sound anything like the older live version they use to play. So many vocal harmonies for a Radiohead album. The string arrangements are gorgeous.

2:10 AM – Neil Young would be proud of this album. I was hoping for more a of dub/reggae vibe after Jonny Greenwood said for 6 months straight all he listened to was the entire Trojan Records Catalog.

Jonny Greenwood Is the Controller

2:14 AM – Colin & Phil really shine on this album. I am impressed how tight they are. Jigsaw Falling Into Place is a prime example. Very motorik, Neu! sounding.

2:18 AM – In Rainbows comes to a close, Videotape. Wow Phil’s drumming.

Okay, time for this to all sink in. I shall give this another listen in the morning with fresh ears.
Cheers Radiohead.

Pitchfork’s extensive guide to In Rainbows, how hip.

Oh and look at the trend Radiohead started.


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Revolte is yet another French electro producer who is more along the experimental side of this French electronic revival. He is in the company of Danger and Jackson & His Computer Band. Revolte has a very similar “sound collage” style as Jackson & His Computer Band with non-linear song structures and glitchy/noisey samples. Revolte actually collaborated with Danger on a track that is featured on Danger’s Myspace.

Here is some of that classic distorted French Touch that we all know and love courtsey of Justice.
Revolte- Flash Gordon Comes Back
This track is hats off to the original French Touch producers such as Alan Braxe and early Daft Punk.
Revolte – Chemical Passion

Here is another Danger track that I really love:
Danger – 14H54

Here is a great remix of our favorite iPod commercial song by Van She a great Austrailian electro band. Props to the whole electro scene down under especially Midnight Juggernauts who I shall be seeing with Justice Oct 20 in NYC. woot!
Feist – 1 2 3 4 (Van She Technologic Remix)

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Daft Punk Alive 2007 Preview – Too Long X Steam Machine

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Maximalism: All Roads Lead to Reich

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Last October I had the privelage of seeing the Steve Reich, one of the most influential minimalist 20th Century composers perform at Carnegie Hall. Steve Reich is most famous for his minmalist compositions using tape loops, stagnant rhythms that ebb and flow and simple linear melodies.
Music for 18 Musicians is a reaction to his minmalist style and his first maximalist piece. This piece is a dense piece of work relying on the weaving melodies of pianos, vocals, vibes, strings, & clarinets.

Steve Reich – Pulses from Music for 18 Musicians
Steve Reich – Fast from Electric Counterpoint (Performed by Pat Methany

Steve Reich inspired music:
Sufjan Stevens – Out of Egypt from Illnoise
Battles – B+T from EP C
Robert Fripp & The League of Crafty Guitarists – Scaling The Whales from Show of Hands
RJD2 – The Proxy from Dead Ringer
Radiohead – Arpeggi (Live @ The Ether Festival 2005)

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"And the heat goes on…."

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Photo by Dee de Lara

David Byrne digs Vampire Weekend
Oh, and I totally enjoy David Byrne’s subtle dissing of Animal Collective.
“Playing” mainly consisted of pushing faders up and down. To be fair, two of the three guys took turns singing, though I couldn’t make out any of the words; so yes, there was more to focus on than just faders moving.”
Now that is how a gentlemen drinks his haterade.

Vampire Weekend – Mansard Roof
Vampire Weekend has often been compared to the Talking Heads so no wonder why he likes their sound.

Talking Heads – Born Under the Punches (The Heat Goes On)
Adrian Belew from King Crimson plays lead guitar on this track.

Talking Heads – This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)
This Talking Heads track is one of my top 10 fav songs of all time.

Klaxons – No Diggity (Blackstreet Cover)

ELO – Here is the News

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"The cuervo gold, the fine Columbian, make tonight a wonderful thing"

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Steely Dan sucking up to Wes Anderson
“So – let’s get going, shall we? Send the check for US$400,000 (advance on licensing fees) out by Fedex to Mickey by tomorrow and we’ll talk a little later in the day about merch, percentages, backend, soundtrack, ASCAP, etc.”
-Steely Dan
Ha, too bad there were no Darjeeling Limited inspired Steely Dan tracks in the movie.

Steely Dan – Hey Nineteen
Steely Dan – Peg

“But if we were great musicians and we had big studios, I think we would make something that sounds like late-’70s, West Coast pop music, like Steely Dan or something. But because we have to work in a simpler way, it ends up sounding like what we do.”
– Gaspard Auge (1/2 of Justice)
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Justice – B.E.A.T.
Donna Summer – Dim All The Lights
Hmmmm interpolation?

“I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do)” helped inspire the song “Billie Jean”. “Michael Jackson once said directly to me that he hoped I didn’t mind that he copied that groove (from “I Can’t Go For That”). That’s okay; it’s something we all do. Eddie Van Halen told me that he copied the synth part from “Kiss on My List” and used it in “Jump”. I don’t have a problem with that at all.”
-Daryl Hall
Hall & Oates- You’re Too Much Too Soon (Todd Rundgren Produced)
One of the best synth lines ever, you cannot resist to dance.
Van Halen – Dancing In The Streets

Hall & Oates are going on a small North American tour in the winter, I am thinking of seeing them in Boston December 8, partying with drunk middle aged couples, woo, I will probably be one of the few college students there. Hall & Oates Tour Dates
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Debussy’s Claire de Lune performed by Julian Bream & John Williams

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So Blur reunited, Graham Coxon is back on the team.
I personally dislike Damon Albarn and everything he has done but Blur was such a good band.

Blur – Coffee & TV
Blur – Boys & Girls

Kanye & So-Me
Kanye has that whole international flair that no one can say isn’t cool. He has the uber-hip French on his side and the cutting edge Japanese. He can’t be stopped.

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George is my favorite Beatle.


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