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So Blur reunited, Graham Coxon is back on the team.
I personally dislike Damon Albarn and everything he has done but Blur was such a good band.

Blur – Coffee & TV
Blur – Boys & Girls

Kanye & So-Me
Kanye has that whole international flair that no one can say isn’t cool. He has the uber-hip French on his side and the cutting edge Japanese. He can’t be stopped.

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  1. Rich Vreeland

    Not sure i understand, how can you dislike everything Damon Albarn has done but consider Blur such a good band? He penned the lyrics to most of the songs Blur wrote and he has a huge creative stake in their body of work … he wrote the music for Coffee & TV and the lyrics on Boys & Girls, the two songs you posted.

    Graham Coxon is great but Think Tank is all Damon, unless you don’t like that record in which case it would be irrelevant… anyway… I personally love it and I hope they get back together if things click and that they won’t try to force it if it doesn’t.

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